Meet Megan D. Gardner, MS, CNS, LCN, CPT, FNS



As graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine with a Master of Science in clinical nutrition, Megan went on to earn the gold standard in nationally recognized certifications and credentialed with the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists (BCNS).  She is currently one of only a few Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) practicing in Oregon and is a registered Licensed Clinical Nutrition Specialist (LCN) in Washington State.  As a CNS and LCN, Megan educates doctors and medical professionals about the role of nutrition science and how to apply it in clinical practice, as well as seeing individual patients in clinic, running workshops and teaches community education seminars.

The journey into healthcare for Megan was motivated in part due to personal reasons.  For 20 years, she watched her mother battle multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, multiple myeloma and osteoporosis with a lower fractured spine.  Megan was able to provide in-home hospice care for her mother for the ten days she needed it before she passed, in Megan's arms.  This foundation drives her compassionate care and has instilled a certain appreciation for the gift of health and mobility which she has chosen to share with others and why she is so very passionate about what she does.

Megan owns Wholey Gardner where she uses an individualized, scientific and evidenced based approach to her targeted therapies. She specializes in gastrointestinal health and functional nutrition.  She employs several integrative care modalities to address and support therapies for cancer, autoimmune and other chronic conditions.   Megan works closely with her patient’s healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive, detailed, and actionable insights with therapeutic solutions. 

Rounding out her education, the former Jazzercise instructor maintains her personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise and helps her patients to effectively incorporate movement into their daily lives.  Megan holds an additional credential as a fitness nutrition specialist.

Megan is a member of:

  • Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists
  • American College of Nutrition
  • American Nutrition Association
  • Institute for Functional Medicine
  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy

Megan's clinical practice is located in the Cedar Hills area of SW Portland, across Highway 26 from St. Vincent Hospital.

Also licensed to practice in Washington State.


What is a CNS?

Certified Nutrition Specialist

A Certified Nutrition Specialist®™ is a nutrition professional, proficient in science-based advanced medical nutrition therapy, education, and research.

The CNS®  credential denotes a healthcare professional who has completed an advanced degree in clinical nutrition. This may be a clinical nutritionist, a physician, an advanced practice registered nurse, a physician assistant, a pharmacist, a dentist or other healthcare professional who has met the CNS requirements, passed the board exam and demonstrates the competencies necessary to earn the credential. 

Certified Nutrition Specialist in Practice


Education + Advanced Training

To sit for the CNS board exam, prerequisites include a master’s or doctoral degree in nutrition with specific curriculum competency requirements and a minimum of 1,000 supervised hours.  A CNS is required to earn CE credits and recertify every five years.

Advanced training in pharmacology and nutraceutical therapy, strong foundation in biochemistry, anatomy/physiology, immunology and genetics  and extensive knowledge in gastrointestinal hyperpermeability and dysfunction.

Whole Body Health + Wellness

Medical nutrition therapy married with certified personal training offers a more holistic experience to lifestyle change and wellness.  Functional nutrition is also available in the form of cooking workshops and seminars.

Integrative Care

Assists physicians and clinicians to provide a comprehenisive targeted treatment plan. 

Proficient in interpreting test results which provides comprehensive insights for clinical application in targeted treatment protocols.

Medical Outreach

Credentialed to teach continuing education around nutrition science and nutrigenomics to physicians and other medical providers